Most of you probably know that I’m a photographer…so it was no shock when my blogger friend Ashleigh recommended me for a photoshoot job with Haper Hair and Tan, a hair and tanning salon in Subiaco. What was the shock was when Taliya (the salon owner) expressed she needed a blonde model for her shoot and Ashleigh thought i would be just the person for the job…. She dobbed me in behind my back and before i could even think about saying no i was pretty much already locked in!

Now, I’m not saying I’ve never thought about doing a photoshoot before BUT it was definietly a scary thought at first! Scary/exciting.. I calmed my nervs by asking taylia if i could have a spray tan.. yes, she also does tans! and i loved the colour. Check it out below!

The more Taliya and i talked the more excited i became. I went to her studio on a thursday night to get my hair done, the salon was beautiful and her skills are amazing. The shoot was on sunday and Elicia Rudd makeup artistry did the makeup along with Christine Kopti as the photographer.

Everyone was easy to work with and having Asheligh by my side made it all the better!
Anyway, the photos are below. Check them out. I ended up loving the whole experience and I’m really glad i let my guard down and said yes to the shoot.

Sometimes you just have to push yourself to get out of your comfort zone. I’m trying to do it more and more lately.
Saying yes to opportunities that come your way is a habit i want to keep!

Hair and Tan: Harper Hair & Tan
Makeup: Elicia Rudd makeup
Photography: Christine Kopti
Parter in crime: Ashleigh D’Mello

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