On Sunday i attended the Closing night of Telstra Perth Fashion Festival (TPFF), There were two runway shows on for the night, one show consisting of Steph Audino & Aelkemi and the other, Wheels and Dollbaby.

I had unfortunately (or not so, because it was awesome!) been working away up-north in Geraldton, setting up a new Cotton on Mega store. Mega stores for the Cotton on Group hold the division I’m a Visual Merchandiser for – Cotton on Body, so i was busily setting up a brand new department for them. I also missed out on the amazing Jamie lee show doing this –
the one i most wanted to see!

I arrived back in perth late Saturday afternoon so i was absolutely pumped to see my first 3 shows of the festival the following day. Some friends i could tell were a tad tired from the entire week, but happily sipping on champagne none the less.. massive kudos to the people that went to most of the shows!

Below I’ve picked my top 4 looks from each designer. I’m choosing to pick my favourite 4 outfits/looks based on my own personal style and if i could imagine myself actually wearing the design out and about. All the garments were absolutely beautiful though and the models looked fantastic. The hair and makeup has really stepped up from last year.

I would have to say Aelkemi would have to be be my favourite designer of the night, purely based on my own personal style. The garments were sexy, raw and elegant. My favourite piece being the lace flares, i would KILL for those pants.

Steph Audino was glamorous, playful and feminine, I really enjoyed watching the models walk down the runway with their endlessly flowing gowns trailing behind them. I feel like my favourite outfits were the more neutral or single toned garments,
It’s very me to be all neutral or mostly white when it comes to selecting items for my wardrobe.

All in all it was a great show to watch and its no secret WA is home to some world class designers.
Stay tuned for my post about Wheels and Dollbaby with some pictures of Dita Von Tease.
Much love xx

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