Hey again lovelies!

After the Steph Audino and Aelkemi show on sunday night (You can read all about it here)
Wheels and Dollbaby with special guest, the ever incredible Dita Von tease closed the night and the end of the
Telstra Perth Fashion Festival.

The evening started with meeting up my gal pal Ashleigh D’mello, looking stunning as always. Ashleigh and i are on the same level when it comes to shows. Arrive, Champagne, chase the waiters for food, refill of champagne… We have this routine down packed!
There was the most amazing oysters from South Australia being freshly shucked in the main room. Ashleigh wouldn’t try one as much as i tried to convince her they were the best thing I’ve ever had.. and i wasn’t lying!
I must of returned to the oyster bar a good 3 times..
And of course there is always lots of socialising to be done, it’s always a treat to see everyone and what they’re wearing.

In-between waiting for the Wheels and Dollbaby show Ashleigh and i killed some time and posted our Instagram photos for the night (commit to prime time no matter what…). Basically had a mini party in the bathroom and met some interesting characters, TPFF is never dull! You can see these cheeky snaps below.

Dita Von Tease opened up the show with a solo strut down the catwalk in an amazing floor length sparkling gold gown.
This women oozes confidence, sexiness and everything great in general.
The collection itself was quite large and true to brand with many pinup/vintage inspired looks, the audience seeing many different variations of different features of the garments. There was lots of lace up fronts, buttons and tight fitting dresses. I appreciate how Melanie Greensmith (head designer & director) can take an important feature of a garment and share it to many others, it makes the collection flow and intertwine.

As well as having great fashion, the show also had a great diverse range of models. No two girls shared the same body type and the models that got the most attention were the “plus size” (if you can even call them that!) who strutted down the runway whilst receiving  praise in the form of clapping from the audience.

The models were also allowed to express some personality at the end of the runway. Being at the end of the runway in the media pit myself, this made for quite interesting viewing. Below I’ve compilled some of my favourite images i took from the night, these consist of my favourite looks, model poses and some snaps i took whilst
Ash and i played around during the night.

I hope you enjoy!
Much love x

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