For my second instalment of my Sunday Session series i partnered with Jack Taylor of The Jack Taylor Journals for a editorial that would re-launch his blog with a new look. We met up in the Cbd at the QV1 Perth building, being a black a white editorial this location provided a lot of light contrast and a sleek modern backdrop for our photos.

Jack is a natural mover and uses his hands a lot. I usually tell my subject to reframe from doing this but i didn’t mind this time. I feel like it flowed with the vibe of the shoot and enabled Jack to be more open in his body language towards me and the camera.
Hope you enjoy this editorial and the accompanying interview.
Meet: Jack


Who is jack Taylor?

“Jack Taylor is inspired and curious. Expressive and reflective. And a little high maintenance.”


What is the Jack Taylor Journal to you?
“The Jack Taylor Journal is a device used to manifest my thoughts, ideas and musings into an
almost degustation of how I see the world around me.”


You’re one of the youngest Perth Bloggers I know – good on you!
What made you want to get into the scene?
“I really just needed an outlet to create and express. That’s really all it is.
That very simple idea seems to resonate with people.”


Where or who do you draw your style inspiration from?
“I can honestly draw inspiration from everything when it comes to creative work; a colour, a sound, a word.
As for my personal style, it’s a much more refined list. I love French men’s style.
And when I say style, this includes not only the way they dress but attitudes and attributes too.”


You’re still at High School at the moment, what are your aspirations for the future?
“My ideas about the future are constantly evolving. I don’t like cementing my aspirations until
I’m actually subconsciously living them. I just want to do whatever makes me happy.”


Have you travelled much out of Perth?
“I’ve traveled a little bit but I believe one can never travel enough. I can’t think of a place that I would not like to experience.
I feel like travel has the power to inspire like nothing else.”


Where would be your perfect location?
“One of my dreams is to divide my time residing between Paris in the Winter, Autumn
and spring months and the South of France in summer.”


What’s the one thing you can’t live with out?
“My crystals! I have a collection I take everywhere with me. They bring incredible energies into my life.”


Crystals actually scare me! Can you give me an example of where they had a positive effect on you?
“My first ever day of work experience as a styling assistant.I was so nervous that I would do something wrong or that I would end up embarrassing myself. The crystals really kept me calm and the day went incredibly well. I had so much fun.”


Tell me something people wouldn’t know about you just by looking at you.
“That The Real Housewives of Melbourne is my absolute favourite TV show EVER ! I’m actually obsessed with it.”

Word. Thanks Jack!