The term “Sunday Sessions” came to me when i was a planning a relaxed Photo-shoot with my friend Sany and realised that mostly all the Photo-shoots i do for fun are on a Sunday. I suppose i find pleasure in knowing that i still find photography such a passion of mine that i will give up the single most relaxing day in the week up for it (sarcasm) – SUNDAY!
And thus my version of a Sunday Session was born.
Usually my shoots on a Sunday involve only me and the person I’m shooting, apposed to a massive team when its a Client shoot.

It’s chilled, we chat and the photos are as candid and natural as possible with little or no direction from me. I like to let the person I’m shooting do their own thing, i want to know how they move and catch them in that moment of time just being themselves.

Hopefully you understand and enjoy these photo-sets which shall hopefully become a regular occurrence and enjoy getting to know my subject through the questions i ask. Anyone who knows me has probably picked up I’m really inquisitive (nosey?) and ask a-lot of questions, about everything, all the time. So if you didn’t read them, know i still had great pleasure in asking them.

Meet: Sany

1B6A2597What’s your name and where were you born?
“Sany R Asad, and Jakarta – Indonesia.”

Does your name have any particular meaning?
“Yes!! It’s meant to be ‘sunny’ but back home they would pronounce it differently.
So my parents decided to name me ‘Sany’ pronounced as SunnyšŸŒž”


What do you miss most about home?
“I love my food so its got to be their 24hr delivery service; Maccas, KFC, Pizza Hut, Burger King!!
Everything is so much more convenientā€¦..Oh and paying $20 for 2hr full body massage, $5 for a blowdry! But mostly food!”

What do you love most about Perth?
“Its laid-back lifestyle! I love how everything is so chill, and no one gives a fuck…also the beaches.”


What’s something most people wouldn’t know by looking at you?
“They can never tell where I’m from. They would be like “you’re asian?! but why are you so dark?”. Quite a few people have mistaken me for being kiwi or they think i’m half because I look asian but I don’t have that asian accent or speak asian! But once they know I’m Indonesian, they think I’m a balinese princess who lives off the beach, with my monkey butler
eating tropical fruit platters!”


One word to best describe your fashion?
I wear oversize everything, anything slouchy is me! Growing up with two brothers, I tend to like their boyish stuff. I steal their shirts and sweats heheh.”


When do you think you started to come into your own style?
“I went through a phase. But I feel like I was able to find the style that defines me most when I was at University. I did interior architecture so dressing up and looking good was a big part of it; everyone in our building are ‘visual’ people so they were very judgemental. Like it was a big no no to show up wearing thongs and just a basic dress. Like you have to rock up in a good outfit, or you dont feel like you belong in the building.”


Favourite item of clothing/accessory?
“I love good outerwear!”


Favourite pair of shoes? – I know you have a lot!
“I would have to say my Adidas Stan Smiths! I own like 3 different pairs!
Or my all white Adidas Superstar Slip-on! They dont outshine my outfit, they’re clean, simple and go with everything.”


Favourite brand?
“I love, love Acne Studio! But can’t really afford it. Adidas Originals would have to be the brand I own most of.”


Style icon?
“Easy! Olsen twins, Mary-Kate and Ashley!!
They were a big influence on me growing up, they always manage to look effortlessly gorg! ”


Favourite celebrity living or dead and why?
“Don’t really have one, but I love Vanessa Hudgens. Her style and her personality, her boyfriend Austin Butler! Their relationship is probs my relationship goal. I stalk her on instagram she’s such a witty, fun, and positive individual and I feel like I want her in my life!!”


The one thing you couldn’t live with-out?
“Moisturizer! I’m obsessing over body oil, hand cream and body butter! Its a thing!
Fun-fact: I can’t sleep without moisturising, my feet especially.”

What’s your perfect Sunday?
“A chill (lazy) Sunday! But my kinda lazy sunday is different. I don’t really like staying home on my days off unless it’s clean up day or I’m knackered, and sometimes I just can’t afford to be anywhere but home. My lazy sunday is out chilling; sitting down for coffee, drinks or a good meal. I love to be outdoors.”


What’s the thing you’re most looking forward too?
“Japan! I’m so excited – shopping and food! You gotta watch my SnapChat story hehe.”


Thanks for shooting with me Sany!





1B6A3031You can follow Sany on Snapchat: sany_a
and Instagram:   __sany__